Finding dropshipping suppliers can be difficult and time-consuming, but they are necessary for every dropshipping company's success. How can you choose from the many providers who offer the same goods? Here is our step-by-step guideline to assist you.

See below for the best dropshipping wholesale hair extensions that are well-trusted!

Why Is It Important To Find The Right Dropshipping Suppliers?

There are lots of retailers out there who pose as distributors for wholesale dropshipping. These stores don't provide good value for the money. However, they frequently excel in marketing themselves. Because of this, it's crucial to conduct extensive research before selecting a supplier for your human hair extensions. A quick Google search won't do.

Even while you can easily switch suppliers if problems emerge, it's preferable to find reliable partners upfront because they can affect almost every aspect of your organization, such as:

  • Customer satisfaction, adherence, and reviews
  • Delivery duration and price
  • Product excellence, cost, and reliability
  • Your company's standing and name recognition on remy human hair extensions suppliers
  • Your job schedule and level of stress

Best Dropshipping Suppliers

Ali Express

Small dropshipping firms can sell to customers worldwide thanks to AliExpress. Searching is simple, and apps like Oberlo make adding products to your Shopify store simple. There are many providers and items on remy human hair extensions, most of which are Chinese and Indian Products.

DH Gate

Another Chinese website that resembles AliExpress is DH Gate. Like Amazon, DHGate provides a wide variety of products and especially the finest real human hair extensions and buyer safeguards, but it also has US-based warehouses, reducing delivery times.


LightInTheBox has been selling a range of trendy apparel, electronics, and lifestyle items since 2007. It ships to more than 200 nations.

So, get your wholesale hair extensions from LightInTheBox as they are also a reliable dropshipping supplier.


This website sells various products and offers a section just for drop shippers and several US suppliers. You can easily get access to some of the finest human hair extensions from Halo couture and Indique Hair.

Inventory Source

Inventory Source, a Florida-based company, demands registration to browse its dropshipping suppliers. It would help if you located a supplier that works for your company among the over 100 mentioned. So, trust this dropshipping supplier and get your remy human hair extensions swiftly.

How To Find Out The Right Dropshipping Suppliers

There are several ways to identify excellent suppliers for your dropshipping business, from directories to phone calls. Here are our top suggestions to get you going.

Contacting The Hair Manufacturers

Request a list of the wholesale tape in hair extensions distributors that the manufacturers of the products you wish to sell sourced from. By taking this easy step, you can be sure you're looking at reliable vendors. If the same name keeps coming up, this might be your source.

Purchase From Rivals

Purchase some goods from rival drop shippers or merchants if you want to emulate them. You can discover the name of their dropshipping supplier by looking at the return address. This is a fantastic chance to research the competition and discover possible suppliers simultaneously on your remy human hair extensions.

Extensive Google Search

As we previously stated, many wholesale dropshipping suppliers are still learning the art of marketing. In light of this, you ought to use various search keywords on Google and scroll past the first page of the results. Don't ignore a provider just because their website is difficult to use.

Use Niche Scraper

A product research tool called Niche Scraper assists drop shippers in identifying popular products like hair, it is mostly Halo Couture and Indique Hair. Users can also access a daily list of suggested goods, vendors, and ad targeting strategies put together by their specialists on human hair extensions.

Contact Drop Shipping Suppliers

It's time to test your potential dropshipping providers after you have a shortlist. However, you must also be ready to win their favor.

Things To Check Before Making Contact

  • Examine evaluations and order volumes of wholesale hair extensions to determine if they provide a dependable service.
  • Check to discover if they meet the needs of your audience in terms of shipping schedules, refund policies, and raw materials.
  • Purchase a few items to evaluate the packing, turnaround time, and product quality for yourself.


Knowing which dropshipping suppliers are the finest and most trustworthy for you to get your wholesale hair extensions is important. In light of the above considerations, you should always research the dropshipping suppliers in advance. Especially when you are dealing with wholesale hair vendors, there are chances of meeting fake suppliers. So, don't take the chance and follow the tips from above.

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